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Coach and Manager Tools

GBL is dedicated to providing the best resources and support to our coaches and team managers. This section includes tools and references for coaches.

NOTE- Expense reports should be filled out and sent to the GBL Treasurer for reimbursement:
Tom Moule
2220 Jamesford Ave
Green Bay, WI 54302


Managers Tools

Each team has a dedicated team manager. Our team managers work closely with our coaches and have all administrative and coordination responsibilities. The section includes tools, templates, and reference materials for team managers.

General Information

KidSafe Risk Management

 Log into the link below and get a team manager pass.

This will protect you and if needed allow you to be on the sideline of the game.

Once you are in the program, if you have a child playing you can enter your UserId and Password and them proceed from there.  The program will look the same as when you register your children.

The cost of the pass will be covered by GBL. 

To get a team manager pass Search Widget

GBL has partnered with to allow coaches, managers, and parents to take advantage of great deals on hotel rooms that can broker. Use the search tool below to get great deals on hotels for your team.

When booking a block of rooms for your team make sure to ask for a free room for the coach!