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East Central District Classic League

About the East Central District


The policies of East Central Soccer District are established by the East Central Board of Directors. These policies established minimum guidelines to be followed by the member clubs, leagues and teams throughout the East Central Soccer District. Questions regarding these policies should be forwarded to the club board representative, club president and/or the East Central Director of Operations for discussion at an East Central Board of Directors meeting.

S.A.F.E. (Safe and Fun for Everyone) Environment

The role of the East Central Soccer District is to promote and nurture the advancement of the sport of soccer in the East Central Soccer District. East Central Soccer District strives to provide a safe environment that fosters mutual respect and offers our children the opportunity to develop athletically and socially. As such, the East Central Soccer District requires that coaches, referees, volunteers and administrators do not have a history of criminal or violent behavior. East Central has adopted (subject to any contrary requirements in state or local laws) criteria established by the United States Soccer Federation regarding the prohibition of sexual and physical abuse. WYSA has a mandatory coach pass policy. All Coaches and Assistant Coaches must hold a state issued coach pass card to be present on the sidelines during any competition. Coach passes provide individual membership to WI Youth Soccer Association and serve as our Risk Management process. Approved passes are valid for a period of approximately 2 years.


East Central Soccer District is one of the geographic areas designated for the purpose of registering players and the operation of leagues where applicable. Districts are governed by the clubs designated to a respective district. Each district shall meet a minimum of every six months and forward information as required in the WYSA Constitution and By-Laws.


1. Clubs Clubs within East Central Soccer District help govern the direction of the district and decide how the East Central League will be managed and operated. Clubs are required to send a representative to the all-club membership meetings.

2. Leagues Groups of teams formed together for soccer competition, usually at the exact same age structures. In order to form a league affiliated within the WYSA or its member districts or East Central Soccer District Policies and Procedures Approved July 21, 2014 5 its member clubs, an application and operating rules must be submitted to the WYSA Board of Directors in advance of the start of the next player registration year. (Aug 1) 2.1 Leagues within East Central Soccer District are Competitive, Recreational, Youth Academy and Adult

3. Players: All players must register to a club and may not be rostered to more than one club or team. 

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